Saturday, October 07, 2006

Small victories...a little crow...

...pun intended. (Double reed players will know what I'm talking about...)

I have a reed...a reed that I actually like! It took me forever to scrape this thing down to where I can play it. It's the new cane that Peter said I'd love. Well, it's the first reed I've made from the stuff, so I guess he was right so far!

Is it pathetic that I'm writing about this? I find it funny. Dave obviously knows me really well; we were sitting outside on our deck (summer is back for one last hurrah), and I casually brought up, "Oh yeah, I have a really good reed right now." He practically dropped his Newsweek and said, "You should blog about this." Haha.

We walked around Lake Ahquabi this afternoon. We still haven't made it all the way around. We walked for half an hour before deciding to turn around and have a full hour's walk. Beautiful day. I hope it stays nice for 1) Summerset Winery (Dave's gig) tomorrow afternoon, and 2) Margaret's visit this week. She's arriving Wednesday. Yeah!

Have a good night!

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