Thursday, October 12, 2006


What happened to summer? What happened to fall? Someone tell me how to heat up my house. Right now I feel like a guest in this house instead of a home owner. We can't get the heat to work, although the furnace always sounds like it's kicking in, and the controls on the thermostat aren't THAT complicated. I think we can figure it out. Is there a magic button on the furnace? It's 50 degrees in my house! Better than the 30F outside, but geesh, we're freezing! I'd like heat before it gets much colder.

Today's plans:

1) Hot shower.
2) Get dressed in the steam of the shower.
3) Wear hat and gloves inside while I study.
4) Go to the library or post office where it will most likely be warmer than our house.
5) Maybe go shopping with Margaret. At least food shopping, as we have none...except for the cold butter on our counter.
6) Go out for dinner with Margaret and Dave. Our food will likely stay hot for a while at our table, unlike the tea I made this morning, which had to be zapped in the microwave after 2 minutes of exposure.
7) Go to the Rat Pack show with Margaret, Rachel and Kedron. (Dave's gig.) We'll be nice and toasty in our seats.
8) Return home, basking in the heat of our car before wrapping ourselves in three blankets for the deep freeze that is our bed.


Tamara said...

Hey Jill,
I hear you on the cold! It's coming our way this weekend...they said the "s" word......Yuck!

Keep warm!


Laura said...

I tried to comment on this ages ago but my dumb internet connection wouldn't let me. Have you sorted out your heat yet? Are you still excited for snow....? I don't have a down coat yet!