Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Coulter-to-be

Karmen phoned me on Tuesday to tell me that her and Richard are now engaged!!! (Updated photo, courtesy of Karm!)

Appropriately, I'm watching "Wedding Story" as I type this.

Congratulations, you two! I'm so excited for you! Now: no changing your minds and going for a family-only wedding on a beach somewhere. I'll have none of that. ;)

It's going to be the summer of weddings. Just when it started to feel like all my friends were married couples (yes, plenty of exceptions, but it's who you're surrounded with, right?), we might have three weddings to attend next year. My dearest Karmen, of course, but also Jeff and Gail in July, and we just found out that Ben and Kelly got engaged this weekend too; they got together at our wedding 5 years ago. We'll be happy to travel back to Calgary as many times as we can for these weddings. Celebrating with your best friends is the best thing about weddings! (...besides, you know, marrying the love of your life!)

So, cheers to the brides and grooms!

I love ya, Karm! I'm now expecting not only daily email updates, but wedding planning blogs as well. ;)


Karmen said...

Thanks Jilly :) I'm sending you a picture RIGHT NOW . . . that's an awful picture!!! Heck, I'll send you a few to choose from! Anything but that one!

Jillian said...

Done! I like this one of you guys!

Karmen said...

Thanks! I like that one too :) It was taken at Earl's a few months ago, when we had dinner with some Coulter family friends.

Feel free to keep any others that I sent, in case of any other blog posting emergencies :)