Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A whole shwack of things

Oops. I just got my CRSO Masterworks 1 music today. No Shostakovich 10 this concert. Where did I see that? So we're playing "Pines of Rome" and Elgar's "In the South" Concert Overture. I've never played the latter. One little itty bitty solo in it. There are also some fine low B-flats on English horn. Hmm...Elgar...now it's not like the Mahler low B-flats where it kind of warrants an instrument extension. These are little flourishes and arpeggios that reach down there. That's when you insert rests into your part.

If you understood any of that, congratulations. You are now qualified to play English horn in a symphony.

Students were half good today and 1/4 not there. Said-student from last week (weeding, anyone?) did not show, and I'm not prepared to chase down this father. I've been looking for a way out for far too long. My two new students are both great--one 10 year old and one 7 year old. They fill out my little piano studio nicely, as my other two students (brother and sister) are stars. I love them and their family. I must say, I won't be sorry to see some pieces go though. Goodbye, "I've Got the Blues"...can hardly stand it...and it's not the student's fault. Moving on to better pieces next week.

Dave took a phone message for me today from the Des Moines Symphony School, or the Guild, or something (I believe those were Dave's exact words...good thing they're calling back tomorrow), asking me to teach a World Music class. I laughed out loud. I have never even taken a single World Music class. I don't know the details of this teaching position, but somehow I doubt I'm qualified.

I am, however, qualified to teach Woodwind Methods, and I will be teaching this at Simpson College this fall!!!! Very exciting! I don't want to step on the oboe teacher's toes, but they ("they" meaning Dave and other faculty members) have been trying to figure out a way to get me more involved at Simpson. The next couple of years may bring me Ear Training class and Music History. They're short of professors right now, and I guess I'll technically be adjunct. Yeah!

Dave just called me outside to ask what kind of bug this was...I do believe we've just seen our first Praying Mantis. Should we get rid of it? Will it eat our garden, or will it eat the grasshoppers eating our garden? Still, pretty cool! (Picture to follow...Blogger is being very annoying today.)

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Pattyoboe said...

I'm always thrilled to get the low B-flat because I feel as if I'm paying off my extension with each low B-flat! :-)

I've played the Elgar, but sure can't remember much about it. And of course I've done Pines but, sadly, it's been probably fifteen or twenty years. I used to love playing Resphigi. Ah well! Hope you have a great time with the works!

Too bad about that student (sort of) but I thought, from your other post, that they weren't coming back. I guess I misunderstood that post.

I now have a student who has "time issues". Grumble. I had her sit alone in my living room after her lesson while I practiced when her dad didn't arrive on time yesterday. I could tell she was bugged that dad was late. I'm hoping he'll get the idea, but I'm not sure that will happen. The first time they came they were fifteen minutes late and he said, "Do you have a student after her?" I said no and he said, "Oh good, then it's no problem that we're late!" The next time was a fifteen minute early arrival. I'd like to sandwich her between two students so I don't have to really deal with their time issues. I think that will be my best solution.

Sorry to ramble on ... it's my nature! :-)

Oh ... and I just updated my USA orchestra roster; I didn't have you listed in the orchestra. Sorry about that!