Monday, July 03, 2006


After a very long travel day, we are finally in Ljubljana. We left Minneapolis on July 1 (happy Canada day!) at 11am, and arrived at our hotel on July 3 at 3:30am. We were supposed to arrive at 7:40pm the previous evening, but we missed our train in Venice, adding several hours to the trip. That was completely my fault, but as Dave tells me, there's no sense beating myself up about it. We were out the hours as well as the fare, which really sucked. I felt so bad. We're here now.

I may get kicked off anytime, so I'll make the rest brief. More interesting stories another time, I guess!

We also got lost once we arrived in Slovenia. We were warned not to take a taxi, and our hotel was supposedly only 800 meters from the station. Well, we walked with all our luggage for about 45 min, asking 2 taxi drivers (glad they didn't charge us) and a hostel clerk where this hotel was...again, at least we're here!

The hotel was a welcome sight. Very clean and comfy. We explored a bit of town today, but spent most of our time (after sleeping in) at cafes and restaurants. There are about 20 cafes per block, and most are riverfront. It's very atmospheric...I can't wait to show you pics. Tomorrow we'll go on a walking tour. Dave performs on Wednesday. It's about 9pm here, and we'll try to go to bed early.

Hvala! (...which actually means thank you!...I can't remember hello or goodbye! :) )

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