Saturday, July 22, 2006

Home at last

After a very long travel day (13 hours including stops), we are finally back in Indianola. Dave has a rehearsal at noon tomorrow and a concert at 2pm. Me? I will be staying in my pajamas for as much of the day as possible. Laundry calls, unfortunately, and I may have to leave the house to get food at some point, but I vow to spend the majority of the day 1) on the couch, 2) in bed (sleep is good), and 3) on our deck. We were going to leave for Indiana (IDRS convention) on Monday, but we may wait and leave early Tuesday morning instead.

Dave was doing a search of blogs and found one about Jeremy's recital! And here's a link to an article on the University of Manitoba's website about the show.

The show went really well, especially on the second night. Dave's concerto was definitely one of the highlights. There was a bit of an incident last night though. At the end of his cadenza in the third movement, there was a miscommunication between Dave and Jeremy, resulting in THE LONGEST CADENZA EVER. From where I was sitting, I couldn't tell anything was wrong, and I actually thought Dave was messing with Jeremy and purposely extending his solo. It turns out that Dave kept looking at Jeremy, expecting him to prep the orchestra for their entrance, and it never happened. Luckily, Dave is an excellent improvisor. He said he was about one lick away from saying something to Jer. It all turned out fine in the end, but that cadenza was probably about 5 minutes long. Crazy.

Bed, sweet bed, is calling. Maybe I'll have another wild baby dream. Last night I had a baby boy, and Dave was driving us home from the hospital. He looked normal at first, then he started to look like Stewie from Family Guy. Creepy. At least he didn't turn into a transformer like the other night. (No, not pregnant, just have babies on the brain!) :)

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mycafelatte said...

haha.. I heard Dave was one step away from playing an ACDC riff ;)