Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ciao, Slovenia; Ciao, Italia!

We had a great last day in Slovenia. We decided to take the train to Piran, a medieval coastal town, skipping the last day (morning) of the conference. It was worth it. 2 hour train ride, 1/2 hour bus ride, on which we met a soccer referee for Slovenia whose full-time job was as the bus drivers' boss. He was practically a tour guide for us, telling us how to get around Piran and helping us figure out how to get back to Ljubljana in time for the World Cup game tonight!

Piran was absolutely gorgeous; we wish we'd had more time there. Highly recommend it if you're traveling to this part of the world. We swam in the Adriadic sea and sunbathed on the rocks. I had the best lunch I've had in years, and certainly the best mussels I've ever had in my life. 100% fresh, and a huge mound of them for the equivalent of 5 euros, or 7$usd. We ended up taking a bus back directly from Piran, which saved us a half hour and got us back in time for a shower before the game.

It's been a blast watching World Cup games in Europe! Ever since England was eliminated, we haven't really cared who wins. Instead, my system has been to cheer for whoever the loudest ones in the bar cheer for! Then you're just part of the revelry! Tonight we sat at the same patio as the last time Italy one (vs. Germany), and the Italian fans were slightly louder than the French. Dave was cheering for Italy because we're going there tomorrow...well, I'm sure he had a better reason than that. Who am I kidding? Is my reason any better?! It was a lot of fun, especially since Italia won! Anyone see Zidane's headbutt? Ouch--must have hurt the other guy--good red card call, but I always wonder at the nerve it must take to look the most famous player in the world in the eye and pull out the red card. What guts.

Off to Venice tomorrow!! Very exciting!

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