Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bounty Jesus' name

We're watching an interesting (actually, quite) show on A&E called "Dog The Bounty Hunter." Now, there's nothing wrong with saying a little prayer, even on a reality show, and I really shouldn't laugh, but these tough guys and gals (bleeped words, leather, chains, etc.) saying "Sweet Jesus, help us capture this bounty in your name..." I just couldn't help but laugh. Right now they're going to a crack house. Good times.

Tonight's dress rehearsal for Jeremy's recital went pretty well. I think Jer is pretty stressed out about it. He's out for drinks right now, but we'll be his cheering section when he gets back.

They're doing some scenes from "Three Penny Opera", and there's this one singer/actor playing Mack the Knife that is either playing the role "Jamaican and Gay" (think about it...Mack the Knife), or he can't quite shed either inflection in his voice. Quite an interesting choice of character portrayal! ;)

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