Monday, June 19, 2006

Girlie Girl

Let me start by saying that I consider myself a feminist. I think there are many faces of feminism, and one of the beauties of being a woman is that we should not be pegged into one category.


I'm a girlie girl.

I feel uncomfortable in Home Depot. Those pre-packaged sets of items (that usually don't end up working anyway, or are half-useless), like "Gardener's tool set" and "Painting tools", were made for people like me. I get intimidated pretty easily (most of my friends already know and recognize this in me), and this is particularly true in the hardware stores. Especially with the tough women that work there. The self-assured, strong, I-don't-need-a-man-I-can-do-it-myself-and-teach-other-people-while-I'm-at-it women. I'm not saying I can't do things myself. In fact, I'd like to be one of those women. I'm just not anywhere close to being one. I just feel so out of my element that I need to go to another store afterwards to balance out those feelings of inadequacy.

So I went to Home Depot today (duh), and I fumbled around the store, buying things like a new drain stopper for the kitchen sink (which I have to take back tomorrow--didn't fit), a curtain rod for my wall hanging (which I have to take back tomorrow--too short), a leveler (success!), and blinds (which I didn't end up buying). This took over half an hour. My counter-pose (yoga): Target. I can handle Target. I know my way around those aisles. I just stayed away from the hardware.

This girlie girl likes her hockey. Too bad for the Oilers tonight, but it wasn't nearly as heart-breaking as when the Flames lost to Tampa Bay. Our old neighbour Dwight came over to watch the game.

Dave's mom will be here tomorrow night--really looking forward to our 6 days with her. His dad will be coming on Friday. Yeah! (Not a sarcastic yeah! I love my in-laws!) The house is nearly ready to take pictures. I don't like the curtain I bought for the front room. It's on the teal wall, and the other three walls are yellow. I'm going for jewel tones and bright artwork, but the "Spice" sheers are too orange. I want something more golden.

11 days until Europe!!


Leoal said...

I beg to differ. This hurt way, way WAY worse than when the Flames lost. Way worse. The pain was compounded by living on the east coast where the game did not end until midnight and I get up at 5:30 every morning!!

Jillian said...

That's only because you lived closer to Edmonton. I was only rooting for them because of the Alberta factor. I feel your pain for the time zone difference though. Ouch. I'm in Central time, but I don't wake up at 5:30. Except for this to follow.