Thursday, May 04, 2006

Haiku for a lost series

My spent tears are hot like Flames
The Flames were so cold
I'll weep as I cheer for Oil
If you need that poem explained to you, you are A) not from Alberta and/or B) not a hockey fan. Our hopes were dashed by our local cable company last night; even though they listed the Flames game, come game time, a message scrolled across the bottom of the screen saying "due to black-out restrictions, the Calgary-Anaheim game will not be shown..." So we threw on our Flames tees (I was Iginla, Dave was Kiprusoff), jumped in the car, and drove to the local sports bar. They didn't have satellite. Sports bar? They may as well have called themselves "your living room with booths and better beer selection". Called three places in Des Moines, fully prepared to drive for 40 minutes. Nobody had the game showing. So we drove back home and listened to Calgary 960AM on our computer. I'm almost glad I couldn't see them playing as badly as they did. A couple of obvious newspaper headlines add to the sting: "Flames deservedly tossed onto heap" and "Ducks snuff out Flames" are two among many.

Must get my mind off hockey...going to look at paint samples today.

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