Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wash your hands!!

I may buy one of those hand sanitizer dispensers that we had on the cruise ship during "code brown" times...don't make me explain what that meant--it was a crew nickname. I know I wasn't any better as a kid, but it seems like all my piano students have grubby little hands and fingers they smear all over my piano. I clean it after lessons every Tuesday, and at times I've asked students to go wash their hands before they touch the keyboard, but sometimes I forget and then look over and see disgusting, black fingernails and sticky substances grazing the keys. They're so sweaty too. Was I that sweaty? I'm really not that much of a neat freak. When we have kids, I fully expect sticky fingers on the piano and couches. I expect my clothes to get dirty and for handprints to appear on my front window. But when we go to their piano lessons, they're washing their hands!!! I would put the dispenser next to the piano and make the students wash up before they're allowed to sit down.

We have my parents visiting this week. I'm in between students now and finally have some time to myself. I love my parents, but the silence is deafeningly beautiful at the moment.

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Mary said...

I totally used hand sanitizer all the time during piano lessons... and i also kept a package of babywipes on the piano, to wipe the keys after each student. the first year i taught a lot of piano, i was getting sick all the time, but cleaning between students really helped!

and for the record - i still can't stand little sticky hands/dirty fingernails... unless they are my own kids'. although, granted, i make them wash their hands a million times a day. doesn't help though!