Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dumb and dumber

Dumb: students that don't show up for lessons they've prepaid for. No skin off my back, but I can't believe it when they don't even call.

Dumber: me. You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you've double-booked yourself? I hate it! I got it today when I received music in the mail and looked at the rehearsal schedule. Two rehearsals had snuck by me when I'd put the concert set on my calendar. So, I'll be in Eugene during that time. Oy.

Excerpt of the day: Brahms Violin Concerto. I've been listening back to minidisc recordings I've made of excerpt classes with Peter Cooper and Keith Atkinson. I hate listening to myself speak on recordings. Do I sound that unintelligible in real life?

Y&R update: boring show. But I see that JT got a haircut--me too! And it's about the same length as his as well=too short!

Found a neat online metronome this evening. All because I was too lazy to run downstairs and get mine to check an excerpt. Metronome online.

Gorgeous day today. I saw our friendly cardinal (bird, not pope's friend) in the tree outside our bedroom just 2 minutes ago. I'd never seen any before moving to the midwest! Very interesting bird call. He must be singing about the beautiful weather! If my back feels better, I'll go for a run tomorrow.

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Pattyoboe said...

I use that metronome when I forget mine at the schools where I teach. Handy, eh?

But check out the online flute teacher thing. Scary.