Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cheap oboe thrills

Does anyone else get a small rush when they hear a piece for their instrument on the radio? I was doing some studying when along came Zelenka Sonata No. 1 (F Major) for two oboes, bassoon and continuo. I'd NEVER heard that on the radio before, but I'd done a research project on Zelenka's set of 6 sonatas for this same instrumentation. (Karm: had I mentioned that you should check these out? I love them...especially 5 & 6...killer bassoon part!) Anyway, that may sound geeky (and "greeky" to the rest of you), but it made my day!

Other small thrills:
1) I cleaned out my entire closet this morning in preparation for the move. I was so into it that 11-noon totally slipped by, and I didn't even think of Y&R until 1pm!
2) My MSN page says it is currently 87 degrees Farenheit (31 Celcius) outside right now! Holy cow! That's freaking hot! I'm slathering on the suntan lotion and going for a bike ride!
3) My dear husband took me out on a mini-date last night. It was 10pm and spontaneous--just what I needed!
4) I saw the cardinal again this morning, along with two blue jays, three robins (yet, no Robin Irving...bummer), and a chipmunk (I'd yet to see a chipmunk in Iowa...yes, I'd seen plenty elsewhere). It's like we're living in the Sleeping Beauty woods!
5) After a thunderstorm two nights ago, all the trees in Indianola have suddenly decided to go into full bloom. Sorry, Mom and Dad, you were one week too early! It is gorgeous here!! That is the one thing I'll miss about living in this old neighbourhood--the old trees.

I hope everyone else is having a sunny, happy day!

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