Saturday, March 04, 2006

While we're on the subject...

Peggy's sister has a blog that I read, and I agree with her on the best 30 seconds of every tv show--the "next time on". I am more likely to fast-forward through my DVR recording of Y&R to get to "scenes from next time".

Shows/scenes from next time that I watch on DVR:

Amazing Race (My all-time favourite of the reality shows.)
American Idol (My system: watch the first 15 seconds of singing, fast forward to the comments, then watch the eliminations. Skip the filler.)
Survivor (I watched maybe the first 2 Survivors, and I don't even know what number this is--I do like the "Exile Island" factor.)
ER (I watched, then I stopped, now I'm watching again...pretty boring now though.)
The Apprentice (I recorded the first episode this season. Even though I swore I wouldn't get hooked this time, I will likely continue watching.)
Grey's Anatomy (Wow, so "Sex and the City" meets "ER" it.)
Desperate Housewives (It was just so good last year--I'm still holding out for this relatively crappy season.)
The Office (Very funny show!)
The Young and the Restless (No comment.)

We're having a few people over for the Oscar's tomorrow night. I remember a few years ago, watching with Nicole and Eric in Greeley--remember, Nicole?? You had to do a shot everytime someone mentioned "The Lord of Rings". My line: "I'd like to thank the Academy." Miss you, girl!

Wonder what we should do tomorrow night. Going to a flea market with Lezli tomorrow. Will have to think of some sort of theme for the evening. Do you think they'll have "scenes from the next Academy Awards"?...maybe that could be the theme...(?!)

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