Thursday, February 09, 2006

P.S. South Beach

"What happened to their diet?" you may be wondering. Well, phase 2 (which reintroduces "good" carbs--fruits, whole grains) was pretty much non-existent, but we were still pretty good. At least I was. I had my favourite dessert at Cafe Zenon in Eugene one night. Chocolate raspberry cheesecake with a dark cookie crust...oh my goodness. Sweet heaven. I only had about half, and I had every intention of eating the rest the next day--the day I was leaving for Iowa--even though Blake threatened to not let it leave Zenon. I ended up accidentally leaving it IN BLAKE AND KATRINA'S FRIDGE!! I realized it when I was at the airport checking in, and I was tempted to re-rent the car and drive back to get it. I really hope one of them ate it. It was much too delicious for the garbage can. If anyone can hear me: I'd like a piece of that Zenon cheesecake delivered here pronto.

Other than that, I've been good.

Yesterday I added two hours of driving onto my already 5-hour trip to and from Cedar Rapids. I had my English horn fixed in Cedar Falls, which is about 3 hours from here and another one hour to Cedar Rapids after that. With the drives, repair time, down time and rehearsal time, I left at noon and got back at midnight. Ugh. With my rehearsals having started on Monday for CRSO, Dave has proved unable to take care of himself while I'm away. One might take that as a compliment, but do we really want to go there? I came home last night to a half-empty pizza box; well, at least he didn't eat the whole thing. On Monday, I found scavenging evidence. There was the empty bag of potato chips (how long were those in the cupboard?), the two empty beer bottles, one empty wine bottle (I'm assuming there was only one glass left), and an empty bag of ravioli. I told him last night that he is back to phase one. Not only that, but I am going to eat my yogurt, fruit, bread and rice in front of him. He can cook his own eggs and turkey bacon; he can fix his own elaborate salad while I eat the occasional panini; he can grill his own lean chicken and veggies while I make a brown rice stirfry. Who am I kidding? If left on his own, Dave would probably just order more pizza and make more trips to Olive Garden for take-out. Am I a bad wife for not taking care of my husband? Or am I right in expecting a little more independence from this 28 year-old man?

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Mary said...

Well Jill, if there is one thing I know about 28 year old husbands... they are essetially 6 year olds, but with a sex drive!

Mine is worse... I can slave all day in the kitchen, make a wonderful lasagne, home made garlic bread, home made ceasar salad... and leave clear instructions on how to cook it all. Leave for work, come home to - you guessed it - pizza boxes.

Ah, what we will tolerate for love!