Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good God, it's cold

We're in Iowa City for the mid-week/weekend. NASA (North American Saxophone Alliance) is having their conference here this week, and Dave played a premiere with our friend Dan Cavanagh this morning. It went really well--I was very proud! It's a new piece by Dan, and they'll play it again for Dave's recital on Monday. I have a CRSO concert this Saturday...happiness, thy name is the Ravel Piano Concerto. (Big English horn solo, if you didn't know!)

According to my computer, it's 4 degrees (F) outside right now, but I think it was colder earlier today. We had an ice storm with thunder and lightning at about 8am! The walk from the hotel to the music school takes about 10 minutes, and there we were, the three of us dressed up nicely for Dave's performance, Dave with his sax over his shoulder and carrying his oversized music, being pelted in the face with shooting ice shards. It was windy and sooo cold. I don't remember weather this bad, even living in Calgary. Dan and I walked back at about 10am, and after lunch, Dave and I walked back to the music school again, and it might have been even colder. We almost turned around to buy hats in the university bookstore. Neither of us had thought to bring warmer clothing. That tells you how long we've been away from cold winters.

The guys braved the weather again this evening (we'd already been out once more for dinner) to go to a jam session. I opted to stay behind and take a nice hot bath. I'll listen for the thunder. Mmmm...bath-time.


Karmen said...

Psssht! 4 degrees Fahrenheit is like 15 Celsius. Yesterday in Calgary it was a high of -26C (-14F) and with the wind chill it felt like -40 (which, incidentally is the same in F as it is in C!)

Now THAT'S cold ;)

Granted . . .there were no ice pellets! I feel your pain there!

Jillian said...

Wrong way...4 deg. is about minus 14C. Plus wind chill and humidity and ice shards...let's not play this game...

Mary said...

now now ladies... in my limited experience, weather is all relative...when i was in michigan, i was thinking "it was never this cold in calgary" and when i was back in calgary, i thought "oh my god it was never this cold in michigan"

now, precipitation in the form of rain in the cold, obviously would make it seem colder than it was (moisture + cold air = very cold). and wet cold sucks. having said that, overnight two nights ago the wind chill went down to -43C and i don't care how dry it is, that's damn cold! we had our furnace cranked up, plus the space heater in our room, and i still woke up with a frozen nose.

thank god it wasn't raining!

alas, in typical calgary fashion, there is a chinook blowing in, so we will be in shorts again by Tuesday.

stay warm Jill!

Karmen said...

Oops . . . my bad. Well, it's not entirely my fault, I used an online conversion calculator ;) I just wanted an excuse to complain about the weather to someone ;)