Friday, February 10, 2006


Another gig for yours truly. I'll be playing oboe and English horn for an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical compilation in May. It's my big break in the Des Moines scene! (now that I've of course mastered Indianola and Cedar Rapids...)

The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber--show info

If I can make it through "Cats" and "Les Mis" tunes 8 shows in a row, I'll be happy! (Musicians, don't read this next part: I'm actually kind of excited to play all this stuff--it may be fluffy, but it's fun!)

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Mary said...

Andrew Lloyd Webber always reminds me of my first trip to the Banff Centre... perhaps you remember it Jill... Bishop Pinkham band trip, dunno what grade. I remember we played selections from Phantom... and a Bach Prelude and Fugue (the music from which I can conjure up in my muddled brain as I type)!

How far we've come!