Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blah, blah, blah

Sometimes you have to separate the stresses in your life from what makes you keep going. So for now, I'll keep the blogging light; if you're wondering why I'm omitting certain things, rest assured I'll fill you in when everything's settled.

Today's bright spots:

Checked out Peggy Keeler's blog which Dave sent to me today. I'm finding it interesting to read my friends' different takes on motherhood. Leoal, Mary and now Peggy. Peggy and Darcy have a baby named Georgina. Very cute.

Finished a book today...did I mention I've become addicted to books on CD? It's the only way I can stand driving the 2.something hour drive to and from Cedar Rapids. I can't exactly read a textbook or study scores in the car, so I listen to audio books instead. I haven't read a fluffy book in a while, and Nicholas Sparks fit the bill.

Went for a run today. The cold weather looks like it's finally receding, and the wind is feeling warmer. Spring is near. I've felt sloth-like recently and haven't worked out since...eek, I have no idea. Dave's parents left at about 4:15pm today(they've been here for an entire week, which has been wonderful--NOT sarcasm), Dave went upstairs for a nap, and suddenly I had the urge to run. I managed to discover a part of town I hadn't even known existed! There were some beautiful homes, streets on which I'd love to live, and some 'for sale' signs. We've been casually looking for a few months, with no pressure to buy. We could make it work, but it will be much easier once we no longer have tuition to worry about. I can't wait to get on with that part of our life here. I emailed our real estate agent (yes, we have one already!), so we may see some more homes this week.

This was a great week with Paul and Margaret. I feel so lucky to have such a great relationship with my in-laws. I'll post pictures soon.

I'd better go wake Dave up! He's been napping for three hours.

Wow, boring blog! I'll try to hold back from those in the future...

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Mary said...

i thought it was a great post, jill... sometimes the ones that may seem 'boring' are the ones we love to read the most - knowing what you do on a non-important day makes me feel closer to ya! and anyways, have you READ my blog lately? talk about day-to-day blah blah blah. gimme a few weeks and i'll be giving a minute-by-minute account of my day! ;)

miss ya lots.