Wednesday, January 11, 2006

South Beach, Day 7

One week down, one week to go on this difficult phase. The news today: I inadvertently cheated on the diet tonight. OOPS!! Totally not my fault though. First of all, it's hard enough going out at all while you're on a diet. We went out for dinner this evening with James Bunte and David Riley, who are in town giving a recital tomorrow evening. Dave and I were very proud of ourselves even for the small feat of taking the croutons and carrots out of our salads. Then the waitress brings my iced tea (which is already kind of cheating, as we're not supposed to have caffeine...I did not squeeze the lemon into it though, and to my Canadian friends: U.S. iced tea is really "iced tea", meaning unsweetened). Anyway, I take a big sip, and it's PEPSI!! Sugar! I nearly spit it out. So technically I cheated on the diet tonight, but I don't think that justifies starting over...

We're having a reception at our house for James and David tomorrow night after the recital. As I can't very well throw cheese and celery sticks at our guests, I'm going to have the ultimate challenge of making nice reception food that I can't eat. James requested cookies. Oy, that'll be rough. Wish me luck.

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