Thursday, January 05, 2006

Heading to South Beach

We were pretty good over the holidays and didn't indulge too much. Not once actually. Well, maybe once. Or twice. We're hopping back on the South Beach diet for another go. I'm preparing myself for a tough first few days when the lack of carbs will surely give me the shakes. After that, the air smells sweeter, scenery appears crisper, and the salads start to get pretty boring. We had great success a couple of years ago on this diet; both Dave and I lost over 10 lbs. I'm telling myself this time that "weight loss is not the goal." We'd just like a little detox. (Although fitting into more than one pair of jeans would be nice as much as I like shopping...)

Two weeks of zero carbs. Lean meats, lots of vegetables and protein; no alcohol. NOT Atkins. That is so 1999. After the first two weeks, we reintroduce whole grains, fruits, and other healthy carbs. Day one has gone well. If you call before next week, be patient with my crabbiness.

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Leoal said...

Good old south beach. About to take my 3rd run at it myself!