Tuesday, January 31, 2006

DVR--how did I live without it?

I may have been influenced by Blake and Katrina to get a DVR. It was just so easy and convenient to use...and there's always the envy factor. I wanted that toy too! (OK, I do sound like my mom here!...who will likely go out and get one of these for herself...you know I'm right, mom.) It's only a little extra per month, and rather than adding to our expenses, we're substituting something else for it. Oh why am I justifying this? OK, one more justification: my theory is this will actually SAVE time. I can have my 45-15 studying schedule (history exam in March), and when I'm done for the evening, I can watch efficient tv (no commercials!), including the shows I may have been tempted to watch instead of studying during the day. Eh? How can you lose? I want to play with it now...and I can because my next two students (brothers) cancelled. Yeah! I mean, get well soon!

p.s. I don't know what happened to my profile picture.

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