Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Our adventure to Calgary yesterday began with a cancelled flight from Des Moines to Dallas. We weren't notified (apparently it's our responsibility to double check these things...) that our flight no longer existed, so when we showed up at the airport, we discovered the flight they'd moved us to was an hour and a half earlier than ours. Luckily that was IN THE PROCESS OF BOARDING. We got up to the gate, and it had closed. The plane was still there, so they reopened the gate for us, and we were "those people" that hold up the plane from leaving. Evil eyes everywhere.

We then thought, "wouldn't it be nice if our luggage arrived in Calgary?" We had 4 hours in Dallas instead of 2.5, then after our long flight to Calgary, we jumped for joy when two of our suitcases came through. There were three. 24 hours later, we still don't have our third suitcase. Luckily, Dave has all his clothes, toiletries, etc. Unfortunately, I don't have any of mine. There also may be some disappointed people come Christmas morning. It should all work out. It's just a mystery to us that two suitcases made it. :(

Merry Christmas!

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