Monday, October 17, 2005

Congratulations, Beth and Andrew!

Our good friends Beth Shoemaker and Andrew Huot were married this Saturday, October 15 (also Katrina's birthday--many happy returns!) Dave and I were able to attend, and my mother tagged along for the 3.5 hour drive to Lincoln. The ceremony was beautiful, and the vows were particularly fabulous. There was even a touch of humour. Beth: "I take you, Andrew, to be my husband, etc... wherever you go, I will follow you, and wherever you live, there I will live, etc." (I know, "etc." doesn't quite do it justice; they were really quite lovely.) Andrew: "I Andrew take you Elizabeth to be my wife, etc...wherever you go, I will follow you..." [Insert Beth, Andrew, followed by entire congregation erupting in laughter here.] For those of you that don't know them, Andrew and Beth were engaged last year (April 2004) right when Beth was offered a job at Mahidol University in Thailand. She accepted (both Andrew and the job), and Andrew followed her across the oceans.

Here is a picture of the happy couple at the reception. I've never seen Beth smile so much since I've known her. :) Congratulations to you both!

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