Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cedar Rapids Symphony

I had my first concert with the CRSO last night, and it went really well. Nielsen Symphony No. 4 was the only piece where I was needed, but I played my heart out on my solo C Major scale! (David Hempel, our first oboist, had actually put that on my audition at the last minute...those of you that play oboe, or know its tendencies, know that playing a pianissimo low C is very scary!)

I stayed over-night at Barb Reck's house (second oboist) after the dress rehearsal on Friday night as well as post-concert last night. I felt very welcomed...typical Iowa hospitality! Anyway, here's a crazy small world story: we found out very quickly that I was in National Youth Orchestra of Canada with her daughter Maren's boyfriend, Jordan Scapinello!!! There you go. You just can't escape your orchestra colleagues!

The oboe section in CRSO is like a little family. I felt immediately included, and both David and Barb are warm, generous people. It makes any homesickness I have just melt away when I'm around them. I've really lucked out with the oboe sections in my life. Maybe someday I'll write a cheesy book called "Chicken Soup for the Oboist's Soul."

Dave and I are off to Eugene this week to write our core comprehensive exam!! So think good thoughts for us and our fellow prisoners (including our good friends Beth, Kanae and Keith!) on Thursday morning. But don't send us any vibes, good or bad, because our heads are already crammed with too much information. Crossing your fingers will be just fine! :) All the best, Jillian

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